We have teamed up with Amazon AWS and together we are offering free cloud based test drives that will help you evaluate Siebel CRM and Object Hive hosted on Amazon AWS.
These drives can be accessed using standard Remote Desktop Client. Once connected you can follow the labs for each of these products.
Each customer will be allocated 180 minutes of demo time that they can use over 30 day trial period.
Start now by registering HERE

1) Siebel CRM Demo:
The Siebel server runs on a Amazon EC2 Windows 2008 instance created specifically for you.
Database for the Siebel server is created using Amazon RDS service.
You can try guided tutorials for the following Siebel applications
- Fundamentals of Siebel CRM 8.1
- Siebel Sales 8.1
- Siebel Marketing 8.1
- Siebel Field Service 8.1
- Siebel Partner Manager 8.1
- Siebel Territory Management 8.1
- Siebel Customer Order Management 8.1
- Siebel Loyalty 8.1
- Oracle Customer Hubs 8.1
2) Object Hive Demo:
Object Hive is Enterprise Beacons version control product specifically designed for Siebel
On launching this test drive you can see Object Hive on Action.
You can try the following hands on with Object Hive
- Modify Siebel objects using Siebel Tool
- View versioned objects in Object Hive
- Compare versioned objects
- Export sifs for various versions
- View sample reports

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System Requirements
Any software client that is capable of using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) will work. Mac users can use Macintosh Client and Linux user can use, Rdesktop.
What are the benefits of running Siebel on AWS
- Scale or shrink your Siebel infrastructure based on your load.
- Pay as you go, eliminates large capital infrastructure investment.
- Instantly provision temporary environment for development, integration, conversion or any other purpose.
- Migrate Siebel production to AWS and have it automatically scale up or down and does auto disaster recovery.

Contact us at sales@enterprisebeacon.com for details on our AWS Managed Services for Siebel
- We will provide you sizing, estimated operating costs and security details.